Seasons of joy.



We got to share our good news with the world – Baby #2 is coming September 2015!

It’s fun to tell a big joyous secret with those you love most. It was fun telling Mary. We waited until the day we went public to tell her, because there was a high likelihood of her pointing to my belly and saying baby.

I started showing at about 6 weeks with Keller. I mean OBVIOUSLY showing. We told everyone when I was 8 weeks – mostly because there was no possible way I could keep it a secret any longer. When I am pregnant, my body very quickly proclaims it to the world.

It maybe be silly, but getting a flood of “notifications” of others sharing in your happiness is really really fun. Every time you check your phone another person has congratulated you on the new life growing inside of you – SO fun.

It is such a blessing to rally around joy. It is such a blessing to have a community of loved ones celebrating a new soul. New life is incredible. It is creation. It deserves awe and gratitude. It is to be cherished and protected.

So thank you. Thank you for recognizing and sharing in our great joy that day.

And please – redeem joy. Darkness will come. In the seasons of joy, live presently and drink it up.

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  1. Merry Hearts Medicine · September 10, 2016

    “In the seasons of joy, live presently and drink it up.”

    That’s a great message. We can so easily ruin what we have now by focusing on negative things (whether they be in the past, present, or perceived future).


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