Baby Brother.


I cry every time I watch this.

It was such a rush finding out his gender. “CRAZY!” was all we could say. Having a boy? Wild!!

Isn’t he handsome? Look at that nose. He had my nose. And those toes? Stop it.



Again – this was fun news to share. Fun conversations to have, phone calls to make, texts to send. Shared joy is awesome.

Watching Mary begin to grow into her role as big sister to a baby brother was soul warming. We talked about Baby Brother Keller constantly. She kissed my belly and chatted with him. Let me just say that one of the hardest things in all of this is Mary not having her baby brother. I hate it. We all hate it.

We went out the next day to pick out an outfit for Keller. We had fun looking through all the little boy clothes. We decided to go with a robot onesie and navy pants. Solid newborn fashion choice.


We still talk about “baby brother” all the time. It’s always difficult, but beautiful, innocent, and tender. It’s hard to have a baby brother you can’t see. It confuses a poor toddler’s heart. It confuses her mommy’s heart too.

Love you baby brother. Love you so much.


One comment

  1. Hannah Westphal · August 20, 2016

    Love you, Bella. You’re so brave to share all of this.


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