You are my sunshine. 

I am blessed. In the days following Keller’s death, Exodus 14 was placed in my heart. We were (are) surrounded on every side, walking on dry ground by the grace of God.

Two weeks postpartum, we met with our doctor. In our consultation she asked if we had support. We both audibly laughed. Support doesn’t even seem adequate. Is there a word for unbelievable, incredible, overflowing, unwavering support?

Even before he entered this world, Keller was supported and celebrated. Our church family showered him with gifts and threw a party in anticipation of his arrival. “You are my Sunshine” was the theme. It’s a bit ironic. The day he was born was the darkest day of our lives. Sudden death and our world turned dark. Black. The moment the news reached them, our family in Christ reacted with His light.

You are sunshine brothers and sisters. You are the sun that shines in the darkest moments. You are light because He is light. Be the light. Rejoice and celebrate with those who are in the midst of joy. Hunker down and weep with those in the pit. You don’t have to create your own light. Jesus already is the light. Just shine Him, and do so actively and tirelessly.

Our Doctor was amazed by what we told her. She said it is extremely rare to be so supported in the wake of stillbirth. So for those of you who are alone, those who are pining and aching for any sort of support at all – message, email, call me. Let me hunker down beside you. He is light. He is the sun breaking through the storm. Let me shine Him.


  1. Dana · August 23, 2016

    I love this post. Our support had been overwhelming as well. Every day I find myself writing another thank you card to someone who has shownot us an act of kindness. Yesterday I wrote 8 thank you cards and that was from just things people did for us this weekend.


  2. Merry Hearts Medicine · September 10, 2016

    Jesus creates relationships that are amazing.


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