Happy 1st Birthday Keller!

Happy Birthday Keller!


I told Mary about your birthday and she asked, “Are we going to go to Heaven for his birthday?” I told her we couldn’t until we died. She then responded with, “But how will he get his cake?” Our family clearly values food. Mary hopes you enjoy the vanilla cake with sprinkles that God made you. We are going to have a small family birthday party for you today. (Mary is going to eat some cake down here for you.) I wish you could be here. I know that you wish we could be with you and the Lord. I think you are right, that is the better option. One day Keller Feller. One day.

Your Mommy, Daddy, and sister love you so much. I am thankful you have only ever known love. I can only imagine how incredible it is to sit at the feet of Jesus. I long to sit with you in my lap and hold you tight as we sway and sing praises to our King. One day Keller Feller. One day. I know you never lived here on earth, but a lot of people know and love you. They all say, “Happy Birthday!” too. Your short life has done mighty things. It’s really incredible. People all over the world love you and praise and trust the Lord more fully because of the really awesome work God did through your life. I’m so proud of you. You are such a good boy. We really are over the top proud of you Keller. We’ll make sure to keep telling more and more people about Jesus the Overcomer. I know you know Jesus pretty well by now. That’s really cool. Tell God to give you extra hugs and kisses today. Mary hopes you enjoy the balloon.

Miss you so much,

Mommy, Daddy, and Mary


  1. Dana · September 15, 2016

    Happy birthday Keller. Give Sofia a hug.

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  2. Susan Burnett · September 15, 2016

    Happy Birthday Keller!!! Give Anna Faith a big hug and kisses from her Nana. Have her show you around, she’s been there for a while. I can only imagine the joy you’re having and the love you’re receiving there. Until we meet in heaven, all my love to you.

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  3. Christin · September 15, 2016

    I’ve read every post, I’m here and with you. Happy Birthday Keller. Sweet boy.


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