OnlyAdverb – “and no one or nothing more besides”


This is for the mother  of an “only” child.


This is for the mother of an “only” child  who has battled infertility.

The mother who has tearfully pleaded with Jesus for their “only” child.

The mother who bravely marched on year after year without answers.

The mother who knew that even one child would defy all likelihood.

The mother whose heart burst with joy as she was  brought to her knees over those two little lines.

The mother who rocks her “only” child just a little bit longer, and hugs her “only” baby just a little bit tighter because she is constantly  aware that the very breath in their lungs is a miracle.


This is for the mother of an “only” child who has lost children.

The mother who holds the hand of one child through the store, and the heavy love of so many more in her heart.

The mother who see siblings playing in the park and an involuntary pang of guilt and grief shoot through her  body.

The mother who will forever stumble over the question, “How many children do you have?”.

The mother who aches for the chaos of a full house.

The mother who secretly cries because she never even got to hold her other children.


This is for the mother of an “only” child who chose to have an “only” child.

The mother who battled postpartum so profoundly that it simply was not a choice to go through that mental anguish again.

The mother whose family is joyfully completed by that one perfect soul.

The mother who poured every last dime into adopting that one incredible kid.

The mother who prayed for wisdom, and the Lord answered with “only” one child.

The mother who couldn’t imagine doing life any other way.


This for the mother of an “only” child…

…who lost her spouse and proudly faces life with her “only” child at her side.

…whose body can no longer carry a baby into this world.

…whose marriage would be enormously strained by another child.

…who makes just enough money to feed and clothe her “only” child.

…who is scared that she just couldn’t  handle another baby.


You are a mother of a child made in the image of God.


Your child is EVERYTHING to Jesus.


Your worth as a mother has nothing to do with the number of children under your roof, and everything to do with the fact that the Creator of the Universe called YOU to nurture, love, and raise this AMAZING creation.


You are worthy of the title of Mother.


You should never feel or be made to feel anything less than a mother who pours every ounce of love and energy she has into the child she is raising.


You will sometimes grow weary. You will be pushed to your limits – the number of children you are raising does not determine whether or not you are allowed to lose your mind because a tiny human has exhausted every resource you have.


You will be questioned: “Why did you choose to have “only” one kid?” “When is number two coming?”.


You will be doubted: “It is so much easier shopping with just one in the grocery store.” “Oh – just one is NOTHING!”


You are still a mother.


You have been chosen by God to raise up a soul to spread  the radical outrageous  love of Jesus.


Your calling is awesome and huge.


This is for the mother of an “only” child.


Your child is everything.


I see you.


You are doing an AMAZING work.


One comment

  1. Sarah Green · January 19, 2019

    I had no idea the pain of longing for those double lines on a stick & having hopes dashed month after month would be so deep. Thank you for acknowledging those of us struggling with that pain, who want motherhood so badly it hurts-over & over again. You have been through so much & have so much love & compassion. Thank you for the reminder of who anchors us during these painful times. You are an inspiration to me, Bella!


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